Tuesday, March 31, 2015

642-874 Q&A


In which two locations in an enterprise network can an IPS sensor be placed? (Choose two.)

A. bridging VLANs on two switches
B. bridging two VLANs on one switch
C. between two Layer 2 devices with trunking
D. between two Layer 2 devices without trunking
E. between a Layer 2 device and a Layer 3 device with trunking

Answer: C,D


OSPF stub areas are an important tool for the Network designer; which of the following two should be considered when utilizing OSPF stub areas?

A. OSPF stub areas increase the size of the LSDB with the addition of Type 3 and 5 LSAs
B. OSPF not so stubby areas are particularly useful as a simpler form of summarization
C. OSPF stub areas are always insulated from external changes
D. OSPF totally stubby cannot distinguish among ABRs for the best route to destinations outside the areas
E. OSPF stub areas can distinguish among ASBRs for destinations that are external to the OSPF domain

Answer: B,D

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