Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pass4sure 642-874 Question Answer

Which of these is a recommended practice with trunks?

A. use ISL encapsulation
B. use 802.1q encapsulation
C. set ISL to desirable and auto with encapsulation negotiate to support ILS protocol negotiation
D. use VTP server mode to support dynamic propagation of VLAN information across the network

Answer: B                                                                 

Which of the following is a recommended practice of a data center core?

A. Server-to-server traffic always remains in the core layer.
B. The core infrastructure should be in Layer 3.
C. Core layer should run BGP along with an IGP because iBGP has a lower administrative distance than any IGP.
D. The Cisco Express Forwarding hashing algorithm is the default, based on the IP address and Layer 4 port.

Answer: B

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