Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cisco 642-874

Cisco is recognized as one of the leading IT companies worldwide. The certifications offered by Cisco have a global recognition and are taken by IT professionals worldwide. They are great in demand as they strengthen their candidacy for many fields of information technology. Among the most popular IT certifications offered by Cisco, Cisco 642-874 Design Services Network Architectures (ARCH) v2.1 test is known to be the most important.

Cisco 642-874 exam requires major efforts candidate certification. Applicants must expand their knowledge of all aspects of the certification so they can pass the certification exam in your first attempt. Any ambiguity or weakness in the studies can ruin your chances of success. To guide IT professionals who are planning for 642-874 Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures Cisco (ARCH) v2.1 exam, there are hundreds of online sources. These sources are introduced that provide in-depth information on the various aspects of the testing and certification requirements. You should also be aware of the authenticity of these sources in preparation for the certification exam. The best way to prepare for the Cisco 642-874 exam is to have 642-874 exam questions.

Most likely is that you lose the goal when he meets with the ambiguities of the field. So to help you in the right direction, Design Architectures 642-874 Cisco Network Services (ARCH) v2.1 test questions give guide lines that will guarantee success in the exam with no chance of failure. 642-874 exam questions also save time and need not hanker after the study materials and wasting your time and money. Design Architectures 642-874 Cisco Network Services (ARCH) v2.1 exam questions is the result of an unprecedented effort by experienced IT professionals have a thorough knowledge of the needs of students for certification.

It will surely meet all your needs and requirements, and will certainly make your success in the exam. For a sure success, you should focus on the content of study 642-874 exam questions and master all aspects of the certification. Whether regular programming to solve different queries 642-874 exam questions, you can expect a brilliant success in the actual exam.

The most important is that Cisco 642-874 Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH) v2.1 practice exam mitigates the fear of certification exam, if necessary. You're familiar with the real exam pattern in a short time and feel confident in showing their skills in the real exam.

CCDP 642-874 ARCH Exam Topics

Design advanced enterprise campus networks

  • Design for High Availability in enterprise networks
  • Design Layer 2 and Layer 3 campus Infrastructures using best practices
  • Describe enterprise network virtualization considerations
  • Design for infrastructure services including voice, video, and QoS
  • Identify Network Management Capabilities in Cisco IOS Software

Design advanced IP addressing and routing solutions for enterprise networks

  • Create summarizable and structured addressing designs
  • Describe IPv6 for campus design considerations
  • Create stable and scalable routing designs for EIGRP for IPv4
  • Describe IPv4 multicast routing
  • Create IPv4 multicast services and security designs
  • Create stable and scalable routing designs for OSPF for IPv4
  • Create stable and scalable routing designs for BGP for IPv4

Design WAN services for enterprise networks

  • Describe Layer 1 – 3 WAN connectivity options including optical networking, MetroEthernet, VPLS, and MPLS VPNs
  • Describe IPsec VPN technology options
  • Evaluate WAN service provider design considerations including features, SLAs, and WAN backup
  • Create site-to-site VPNs designs with appropriate technologies, scaling, and topologies

Design an enterprise data center

  • Describe data center network infrastructure best practices
  • Describe the components and technologies of a SAN network
  • Describe integrated fabric designs using Nexus technology
  • Describe network and server virtualization technologies for the data center
  • Create an effective E-Commerce design
  • Design a high availability data center network that is modular and flexible

Design security services

  • Create firewall designs
  • Create NAC appliance designs
  • Create IPS/IDS designs
  • Create remote access VPN designs for the teleworker

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